Here you can see the products I have to offer, if you are interested in one,

    please let me know by going to the contact page. I take payment by either Bank to      Bank transfer, cheques or paypal. If you are able to visit the gallery we do have a card reader machine.

"Don't Fence Me in!"  crafted from barbed wire. When lit the candle flickers like a beating heart.

Heavy steel pendulum clock, chimes and strikes the hours with a Westminster chime. This is a very heavy industrial piece £500.00. Delivery could be arranged message me for details of the cost

  "Chain Male" Torso made from different drive chains    

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Three place dining table and Chairs

This is a one off, unique dining table and 3 chairs designed using the glass from a 1970s table and horse's aimes. There are 2 chairs without armrests and a carver. The seats are shovels and the backs beet forks. the arms for the carver are vintage horses aimes in metal, brass and wood. £1,250 delivered within mainland Britain