Hi, I'm Paul Thomas, the artist behind this unique work, born and bred in Herefordshire I lived for 10 years in California . 

 For most of my working life I was a wall and floor tiler specialising in Victorian, Jacobean and natural stone floors.


In the early 1980’s I became interested in art photography using black and white as my medium and had some success with a few exhibitions.

 I have always had a love affair with motorcycles and in my late 40’s decided to take the plunge and give racing a go. By the time I was 48 I was All England Champion ( at Club level) and at my retirement from competing I had achieved second in the British Nationals and well placed in the top ten in Europe.

Once I had retired from racing I looked for something to do with my creative mind and  started to make some astonishing human powered vehicles made from old bicycles. It was while making these vehicles with scrap bicycles that I thought of using scrap metal to create art pieces.

I design and create clocks, interior design sculpture and garden pieces.All items are crafted by hand and all created from recycled tools, engines and any steel that I can get my hands on.I also make commission  pieces.  All items are a one off, no two pieces are the same.

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